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Our recording studio on the Isle of Wight has a spacious mixing and listening room which has been specifically designed with critical audio mixing in mind. We have the ability to mix music, dialogue or foley through great sounding outboard gear, re-amp through industry standard amplifiers, or mix with the latest in digital technology utilising plug-ins from Universal Audio, Slate Digital and Waves. 

We have a set of large Adam P33A active monitors with a separate sub-woofer set up in our purpose built mixing room on the Isle of Wight, which allows for accurate translation between speakers, in the car, on your laptop or phone. We have mixed hundreds of albums over the years for many satisfied clients. From rock to folk, from voice-over to orchestras, we have covered most music genres and sounds. 

Perhaps you have recorded all you need for your demo but you're not sure where to start mixing it? We can help you achieve the results you want. Maybe you've mixed as much as you can at home or on your headphones but need a great facility to mix the rest of your work in? Or perhaps you just want fresh ears to mix your project. Whatever the reason, feel free to get in touch for further information and see what we can do for you.

Below are several examples of mixes that we have worked on, from varying genres. Have a listen.

listen here

The HouseHolly Kirby
BigfootThe Orders
Back II FrontNakamara
Great EscapeChurch and Ivory
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