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For all 3 of us at Skinny Mammoth, music is our life, and it has been for the majority of it! We are passionate musicians and music drives all aspects of our creative work, including video production and the creation of music videos. Music relates to everything we do, and with that the recording of audio has long been an obsession with all of us since childhood. Sonics and audio make up so much of what is important to us and, as such, we put our heart and soul very naturally into audio production.

After all of us independently owning and working in differing studios over the years, in 2014 we were lucky enough to acquire a space that we could design from scratch to create our dream recording studio. We are unbelievably fortunate to have been able to build from the ground up with acoustic clarity and quality at the forefront of our design. 

If you didn't know already, our recording studio is based on the Isle of Wight. The Isle of Wight music scene is indeed thriving and with that we are gifted with many talented musicians, many of who have recorded at our studio over the last few years. We enjoy working closely with and developing bands or artists that feel they need a gentle guiding hand creatively. 

Technically, our recording studio has evolved over the years into what it is now. We currently have a recording studio that is exceptionally functional in achieving the best results for a wide range of creative services. We have owned a large format vintage mixing console, however we moved it on as our transition into a multi functional studio, capturing audio for video and live streaming, dictated an element of clarity and crispness that our old character desk couldn't quite deliver. We are now stocked with immaculately clean sounding Audient preamps as our front end. We have also owned tape machines in the past but again, as our transition into the digital world occurred, our need for the equipment was lessened. With the likes of Universal Audio at the forefront of analogue emulation and digital modelling, our streamlined approach to audio has been adopted by many within the music production industry. We do have a selection of characterful pre-amps that are used to great effect when required however, and our love for groove and vibe as musicians is also something that no emulation could ever achieve. 

We have a very large selection of instruments at our disposal and, as such, at your disposal as the client. All three of us work as gigging musicians still and have been lucky enough to make a living within the industry for many years. It means our collection of drums, guitars and basses is ever evolving. These instruments need to be played and we happily allow the use of all of our stock by our clients. This also includes guitar and bass amplifiers and the vintage keyboards we also own.

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We have found that the production of music and soundtrack goes hand in hand with video production on many levels. With copyright laws pertaining to online content becoming tighter, the need for bespoke music, free of publishing copyright, is ever increasing. You cannot simply use any old music as a soundtrack to your video, as you could in days gone by, without the streaming platform such as YouTube or Vimeo taking it down. And that is fair enough.

Where we come from as a production company, which differs from the majority of other production companies out there, is that we have the ability to write and record the soundtrack to your video. Even better if we have also produced the video as it gives us the freedom to ensure the soundtrack fits perfectly with the visuals on screen and, as such, massively enhances the overall feel of the video or film. Stock music is, of course, an option but you only get a finished song. There is no scope for tempo changes, no change in length of the overall piece or the addition of musical hit points and crescendos to really give the video content impact. You are left attempting to chop and edit a finished piece of music, squeezing into the footage in an attempt to enhance the video. 


Now you may not think it important. You can get away with the audio if the video is great? In our experience the little details are the ones that matter. All of the small audio details add up to one big experience and if those smaller aspects don't work together, or they miss the mark, so will your overall video and creative output. 

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record on the isle of wight

Looking for a quiet boutique recording studio to track your next album? The Isle of Wight is the perfect place to get away from it all. Fed up of "London" prices?  Our location means we are gifted with lower overheads and, as such, our premium service doesn't come at a premium. Get in touch for our prices.


The Isle of Wight is a beautiful and inspiration place in which to work and we have welcomed many 'mainlanders' to our shores to record at our studio over the years. We have many accommodation options throughout the island all within a 20 minute drive of our centrally located recording studio.


Get away from it all and get your groove on, on the Isle of Wight!

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