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Live Streaming Tutorials with Focusrite


We were lucky enough to be asked by Focusrite to produce a series of tutorials detailing the live stream process with two of their Scarlett interfaces. The Scarlett 2i2 and the Scarlett 18i20. 

In this tutorial Katsi tackles the subject of live streaming a musical performance using the Scarlett 2i2. It is aimed more at beginners but also contains information useful for all levels of live streaming and recording studio experience. 

Including basic interface set up, monitoring and microphone placement. How to set ups your webcam for getting the best results and getting your streaming platform ready to receive your performance.

In this tutorial Dave takes on a more advanced tutorial using the Scarlett 18i20 interface. It features explanations about OBS setup, interface setup with multiple instruments and multiple DSLR cameras.

He gives a deeper dive into the 18i20 and it's functions to get your live stream really cooking. It also includes a live synth jam, so if that's your bag, this is the one for you. 

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