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OR SIMPLY BROWSE our creative services BELOW

Have you captured video content but you're not sure how to edit it? Use our VIDEO EDITING SERVICE to help you achieve the video content you require.

Are you after an eye-catching, cinematic music video for your band or latest solo project? Let our production company help you achieve your vision.

Do you need help creating video content for your social media? Does your business need promoting? Utilise our VIDEO FOR SOCIAL MEDIA service to give you the chance to capture great content for your social media channels.

Have you filmed some video, only for it to be noisy or shaky? If you don’t have the tools to fix it you can utilise our VIDEO RESCUE SERVICE.

Are you in a band? Do you need more gigs but cant afford an expensive promo video? Use our LIVE MUSIC VIDEO SERVICE to film you and record your audio all in a 4 hour session at a fraction of the cost of a full promo video.

Do you need a large green screen for your next music or corporate video? Utilise our 520sq/ft studio space to film your new content on a professional backdrop, with powerful lighting as part of our GREEN SCREEN HIRE SERVICE.

Do you have audio and video that need syncing together? Want to save time? Use our AUDIO/ VIDEO SYNC SERVICE and let us do it for you. 

Do you need help recording your PODCAST but don’t know how? Not sure what video equipment you need? Let us guide you on your way to creating better video and audio for your business.

Have your business event or latest concert live streamed professionally, ensuring high quality audio and multi-camera video output, all streamed to the website of your choice.

We have vast experience in working with many different businesses nationwide, giving us the opportunity to add a unique character to your video and media output.

Video Services


Avoid copyright issues and get away from regularly used stock music for your video. Let us create bespoke music that perfectly suits your content.

Strengthen your brand and breathe life into your website with a bespoke video or moving website dynamic background created especially for your business.


AUDIO Services

Have you written and recorded a demo but don’t know what to do next? Let us mix your music in our custom built mixing room, utilising great sounding monitors and accurate referencing. 

Do you have audio with buzzes, hums or clicks on it? Unwanted sound can ruin your great content. Why not let us clean up your audio, podcast, speeches, video blogs with our AUDIO CLEANUP SERVICE.

Are you in a band? Do you want your music recorded in your rehearsal space but don’t have all the equipment you need? Let us supply high end microphones and conversion, capturing your sound where you feel most comfortable.

Do you lack the space to record your instruments? Have noise problems with the neighbours but need to turn your amp up? Utilise our 520sq/ft live room to record your instruments in a great sounding room, letting you take the audio back home for you to mix.

Are you a musician looking for gigs? Do you have a professionally recorded demo to give to local venues? Come and utilise our specialist MUSICIAN’S DEMO SERVICE to capture your music to give to potential clients and get yourself more work.

Do you lack the space to record your instruments? Have noise problems with the neighbours but need to turn your amp up? Utilise our 520sq/ft live room to record your instruments in a great sounding room, letting you take the audio back home for you to mix.

Do you need voiceover on your video? Are you making a podcast? Utilise our broadcast microphones and acoustically treated vocal booth to record great sounding voice recordings.

Are you a dancer? Do you need music edited to go with your choreography but don’t know how? Utilise our DANCER BACKING TRACK SERVICE to help edit your songs to fit your dance.

Ever wanted to record your drums in your own space or like the sound of a certain room but lack the equipment? Let us capture your sound using professional microphones and our knowledge to get the best sound possible.

Are you an acoustic artist that needs a band, do you need bass on your demos, drums on your latest creation? Use our musicians, covering guitar, drums, bass, keys, vocals, percussion and harmony to get a full band production.


Audio 2

Do you want a great looking timelapse to showcase your company? Want eye-catching content for your social media and website? Utilise our TIME-LAPSE PHOTOGRAPHY SERVICE to showcase your company or product.

We have many years experience with a camera in our hands and as such can provide a photography service to suit you. Portrait, landscape, long exposure, product photography and astro-photography are all available.

Do you love photography? Do you take portrait shots but lack the space and lighting to really capture what you want? Use our PHOTOGRAPHY BACKDROP HIRE SERVICE from the comfort of our 520sq/ft studio space to capture great looking portraits.

Are you a budding photographer? Have you taken a great photograph that needs something in shot removing? Use our PHOTO EDITING SERVICE with ADOBE PHOTOSHOP to fix your work.

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