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music videos

Here at Skinny Mammoth on the wonderful Isle of Wight, we pride ourselves on our cinematic, creative and charismatic productions. We like to push the boundaries when we get the opportunity and always go out of our way to get you the best possible result for your investment. Working closely with our clients is something we love to do. Coming up with the concept, vibe and message of each film together with the artist is all important to a great end product that we are all proud of.

Want to see your creative vision realised? Give us a call or message to find out more about what can be achieved, even with a limited budget. Below are a few examples of the creative content we have produced for you to check out at your leisure.



A promotional vid is a great way to convey your message. They have elements of narrative and storyline within them and visually, almost anything is achievable. 

Should you want to incorporate  live performance into your film, we have 5 perfectly matched cameras ready to capture your performance, with simultaneous audio recording.

Stream your performance live from our studio on the Isle of Wight or almost any other location directly to your website or social media. 

watch a selection of

our films here

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