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Live Streaming is one of the fastest growing marketing tools on offer. We are able to, through the wonders of the digital age, easily capture an event, whether it be a lecture, a TED talk or a music video and directly broadcast the content, as it happens, to an online platform of your choice. We could broadcast from our studio on the Isle of Wight to New York City. From your office to the Antarctic, if penguins were your target audience. The Moon? Well, if they had internet, yes!

We have 5 perfectly matched HD cameras to professionally capture your event and, by employing our ATEM HD switcher, we are able to edit on the fly. We can also incorporate graphics, interactive feedback, remote guests and pre-recorded material to give your target audience an immersive and high quality digital experience.

Capturing high quality audio is also of paramount importance to us and we use a variety of microphones in order to do just that. All too often we have seen a broadcast that looks great but is let down by poor quality audio.  Both our experience, attention to detail and high quality streaming equipment negate that. 

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We can broadcast to various different platforms

You can hit your target audience whenever and wherever you wish. Embed our multi-camera 1080p HD feed directly to your homepage to send traffic straight to your website.

Should you wish to target social media, we also make it easy for you to reach your current followers on both several different social media platforms, the most popular of which are Facebook and Twitter.

  • High quality broadcast in HD

  • 5 camera angles

  • Dedicated audio engineer

  • Social media interaction

  • Reach a global audience

  • Keep a hard copy for future use

  • Embed the event on your website

  • Broadcast to Facebook

  • Free microphone hire

  • Free lighting hire

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Once the broadcast is over do I lose the footage?

A. After the event, we provide you with a hard copy of the footage so you have the option to re-use the footage after the event is over.

Q. Is the streaming instant?

A. On average there is around a 10-20 seconds delay before reaching your audience.

Q. Could I have a studio audience?

A. Our broadcast studio is large enough for you and a small, select audience to add atmosphere to your stream or of course we can locate to your office or premises and capture the event from there.

Q. Could I interact with my online audience?

A. Yes, as the stream is almost instant you can talk in real-time with your fans, through social media. You could even set up an online shop to sell your merchandise throughout your live streamed session.

Q. Can I broadcast from anywhere?

A. For a stream to be affordable, the easiest solution is to ensure the venue from which you wish to host your event has reliable and fast internet. Should you wish to discuss other options for your stream please contact us, however most things are possible!

Q. How fast does my internet have to be?

A. We recommend that you have a minimum internet upload speed of 5-10Mbps.

Q. Do you only live stream on the Isle of Wight or do you travel?

A. We love travelling for work and although we miss the Isle of Wight, we have done streaming jobs all over the country.

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