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Utilising the latest in audio software technology, we can rescue your bad audio from hums, buzzes, clicks, sibilance and more. There is no excuse for bad audio on your video or audiobook and nothing will stop your audience watching or listening faster than inaudible speech or the persistent buzzing of an air conditioning unit. However, sometimes mistakes happen and this is where our audio rescue service comes in.

Most noises can be removed, or at least quietened down to make the audio acceptable, plus its a much cheaper solution that having to re-record the audio or, at worst, the whole film.


Recently, we were sent some speech to edit that accompanied a video that our client wasn't happy with.  It had been recorded overseas for them and only on receiving the files were they aware of a loud hum going over the whole soundtrack. It was recorded on a omni-directional mic meaning that any unwanted room sound was a problem.  

Below are some examples of the before and after of the audio where you can hear the difference in clarity. 

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