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We are lucky enough to have built a bespoke, multifunctional 520 sq foot live room on the Isle of Wight that can comfortably accommodate up to an 8 piece band to simultaneously record audio and film your live promo in a short space of time, saving you money but with no compromise in quality. Our versatile filming set-up means that we do everything live, including the editing of your video and capturing the music you perform as we go. This means that in one 4 hour session we can have a professionally mixed musical soundtrack, along with a great looking video to really sell your band or solo project, ultimately getting you more gigs. 

We use 5 matched Lumix cameras, all switched live, with 2 cameramen and a director along with a sound engineer taking care of the audio, utilising the equipment in our recording studio, to make sure the soundtrack to your video is of the highest quality. We have 16 channels of Audient preamps, along with some further choice channel strips from Universal Audio and TL audio. Our microphones include Neumann, AKG, SE Electronics, Shure, Sontronics... the list goes on. 

Not only is it possible to film and record in our studio but our set-up is completely portable, meaning we can travel to other recording studios or other venues and capture the same high quality product. The video entitled 'Hunny Is This What Adults Do' was filmed at our friend's studio here on the Isle of Wight, with one of our favourite clients Lauran Hibberd, demonstrating how portable our equipment is. The music video above, created for the band The Collective, was filmed with a specific look they had in mind from the outset. They also saw an increase in booking due to this new promotional material. Both music videos have been filmed and recorded live.

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