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Sometimes, you may want to engage with your fans, but not be in a position to tour. Maybe you want to launch your new album? Maybe you want to do a performance, complete with interactive Q&A, just for your fan club or followers? Maybe your fan base is in another country?


Whatever the reason, using our Live Stream HD technology we can broadcast you, in real time, to the online platform of your choice! Why not embed the stream into your website? All of our Live Streams video options come with on-screen graphics, interactive feedback and you get to keep the HD footage of the stream for future use. Now you can do a World Tour in one day!

Plus it doesn't end there, we have a dedicated music recording studio on the Isle of Wight that will easily accommodate your band or group to ensure the highest quality audio for your live streamed music video. 

We also supply you with a high-res digital copy of the session for you to re-use as a music video in it's own right, even after the event has ended, meaning you get even more mileage from your investment.

For further information on LIVE STREAMING CLICK HERE.

  • Live event streamed in HD

  • 5 camera angles

  • Pristine audio and music production

  • Optional social media interaction

  • Reach a global audience

  • Keep a hard copy for future use

  • Embed the event on your website

  • Stream to Facebook Live 


Q. How soon after I play does it get seen by the public?

A. On average about 14-20 seconds and you're being streamed live to your platform of choice.

Q. Could I have a live studio audience?

A. Our recording studio live room is large enough for you and a small select audience to add atmosphere to your live stream.

Q. Could I interact with my online audience?

A. Yes, as the live stream is almost instant you can talk in real-time with your fans, through social media. You could even set up an online shop to sell your merchandise throughout your live streamed music video.

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