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Mobile recording

Are you a school or college that would like to record your choir singing the songs from this year's show? Maybe you're part of an orchestra that wants to record a performance? The logistics of getting all those people and all that gear into the studio is a nightmare! Use our mobile recording service to capture the music or audio you require.

Why don't we come to you? From the Isle of Wight to the rest of the nation and beyond, our recording system is mobile and easily transported. We have a huge selection of high end microphones from the studio and a fully mobile audio recording rig capable of recording at 192khz-24 Bit, ready for you to take away the files at the end and mix them in the privacy of your own home. 

Alternatively, why not let us do it for you with our AUDIO MIXING service? We can take the files away and mix them in our purpose built mixing room, delivering the finished files to you either online or on a CD. 

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