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music for video

So, you've filmed your video and you're happy with your edit. What you need now is some great music as a soundtrack or theme tune- something that really captures your vibe and keeps the viewer interested. You look into licensing music from a famous band and...ouch! That's expensive! So you decide to use it anyway, after all, they're a big band and won't care about your little video, right? Wrong. That video that you've worked so hard on will get taken straight down from YouTube! They even take down people's wedding videos for this reason! So what are the other options? Use stock music that everyone else uses? That's fine, but they don't really say what you want it to say, it's just a single file that you have no control over and, to be honest, they're pretty bad! 

Why not get us to write and record something that is bespoke and tailor made for your needs? Do you want a banging house track? No problem! An ambient, electronic soundtrack? Great! A hard, driving rock track? Why not? Whatever music you think will best accompany your video, we can record and produce it, giving you total flexibility over the mix, creating hit points to follow the dynamics of your video and is exactly the right length. 

Get in touch via the CONTACT page for more details. Also check out our showreel for an example of music we have written and recorded at our studio, especially with a video in mind.

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