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Skinny Mammoth was originally set up as a recording studio on the Isle of Wight and, over the years, we have recorded A LOT of music, hundreds, if not thousands, of demos, albums, spoken word, voiceovers...pretty much anything that you can point a microphone at! When we built the new Skinny Mammoth HQ, we designed it predominantly as a recording studio, with audio in mind, so we wanted high ceilings, wood flooring and a flexible, high end signal path.


Our 520 square foot live room can be partitioned off to control the acoustics or be left wide open to utilise the natural decay of the room. Along with this, we have a completely dry vocal booth- perfect for getting that up-front, pristine vocal take. We have been collecting microphones for the past 20 years and have a huge array of high end, industry standard mics from manufacturers such as Neumann, AKG, SE Electronics and Sontronics, as well as some more obscure, fun mics such as our WW2 pilot's mic and 60's Reslosound ribbon mics. Our live room is big enough to accommodate and record a full band simultaneously, or a single, solo acoustic act. Should you need extra colour on your tracks, we are all experienced session musicians and can help you to record drums, keys, vocals or bass, as well as help you with the production of your work to make it sound as cohesive as possible, all within the confines of our beautiful and comfortable recording studio.


Check out our SESSION MUSICIAN HIRE page for more details.

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