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With our 5 matched camera setup, it’s possible for us to capture your performance, live at our recording studio on the Isle of Wight or on location, recording both audio and visual simultaneously. The simplicity of the set-up allows us to achieve a great looking video and fantastic sounding music with ease. These music videos normally require less time in preparation, less editing time and less time to shoot than a Promotional Music Video, which makes them an excellent choice for those with time or budget constraints.


With our roots based in music and audio production, our custom built recording studio ensures the perfect audio to accompany your performance based music video. In our recording studio we have 16 channels of pristine Audient preamps along with Universal Audio, TLA and ART outboard character preamps, as well as Slate Digital and UAD software, we have an almost infinite amount of sound possibilities. Our large, well treated live room can easily accommodate large bands and orchestras, as well as solo artists.  

Should you wish to record a performance on location, we also have a totally mobile solution that allows us to record both video and audio away from the recording studio too.


Get in contact for any further information you may require about our performance based music video service.

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