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Everyone has a camera and an editing app on their phone these days, and everyone has taken some pretty good pictures with them. They’re fine for uploading to Social Media sites and getting likes. But you can also see the difference when you scroll down and see a great picture, taken with a top quality camera with a really good lens!  Good, controlled lighting, beautiful depth of field, great composition, creamy bokeh in the background and a clarity that is just impossible to achieve with a low priced camera. We have a multi-functional photography space here on the Isle of Wight, complete with photography backdrops, lighting and flashes.


We are very experienced in many different types of photography. Portrait photography, time-lapse photography, product photography, long exposure photography, promotional band photography, night photography, astrophotography, you name it, between us it we've photographed it.

Maybe you need a photoshoot for your band, headshots for your acting career, something that will really stand out on your social media pages, internal shots of your business?


Get in touch for more information about our photography service, photography studio hire or availability for your photoshoot.

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