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You’ve written your tracks, recorded your demo of them with loops and programmed parts and they sound great, except they’re a bit...lifeless? This is a common problem, especially for singer/ songwriters. You don’t want to form a band but you want real instruments and that special ‘feel’ to your music that you just can’t achieve with programming.


All of us at Skinny Mammoth have been session musicians on countless albums, with experience picked up from recording all over the world, from the lavish recording studios of Los Angeles to garage studio productions. Whatever style of music you are recording, we can add colour, vibe and movement to it. Make your songs come to life and give them their own, unique character. Between us we can cover guitar, bass, drums, vocals, keys and percussion.

We have a well stocked studio to boot, with a wide range of electric, acoustic and bass guitars from industry standard companies including Crafter, Taylor, Epiphone, Rickenbacker, Fender and Hofner to name but a few. We also have a selection of vintage keyboards including a beautiful Fender Rhodes (listen to an example below) and a fantastic sounding 1960's Vox Super Continental, as well as many others. We also have a distinct range of guitar and bass amplifiers from Marshall, Mesa Boogie, Fender, Vox and Markbass.


Check out our DRUM RECORDING page for further details on the drums we stock and be sure to get in touch for further information on our session musician rates.

listen here

INSTRUMENT RECORDINGFender Rhodes Stage 73 mki
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