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Timelapse photography is an excellent way to showcase a product, action or landscape in an eye-catching manner. We have the ability to create both still and moving timelapses and hyperlapses in high resolution, that can work well within a project or as a standalone piece of content for your website or social media.

Timelapse photography is an art in it's own right and can be enhanced by the use of several pieces of equipment, the most exciting of which for us is our high end motorised photography slider, which allows us to capture incredibly smooth moving timelapses. Something only achievable before with a large ruler and a lot of patience. 

We use a combination of software to ensure that the timelapse doesn't flicker and is smooth and steady throughout any transitions in light, which can be difficult to achieve. Capturing the photographs in RAW also means we have the ability to manipulate the image with a relatively heavy hand and not see any loss in image quality.


Above is an example of some night timelapse photograhy we captured in Amsterdam as part of a documentary we recently shot.


Should you be interested in our timelapse photography service or maybe you just want to know more about timelapse photography don't hesitate to contact one of our team.

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