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Social Media is fast becoming the best way to engage with potential customers or followers. Studies have shown time and time again that people are far more likely to watch a video than click on a link or a picture. But attention spans are getting shorter, so you need to tell your story in the most efficient way possible! We've all watched fuzzy, shaky videos on Social Media sites with bad audio and a confusing message. Did you watch the video to the end? Of course not!


We can help you storyboard and film your promotional video to maximise your engagement with your target audience. A great looking, cinematic film with clear audio and a bespoke music soundtrack will keep people's attention and keep them interested whilst you tell your story.

We will create your video with your target platform in mind, should it be Facebook or Instagram, Twitter or Linkedin, we will ensure your message is conveyed appropriately, perhaps with an aspect ratio that compliments its intended platform, maybe use hard subtitles within your video to enable the daily commuter to see your message without sound? Most importantly we will ensure your brand consistently finds it's audience.

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