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website dynamic background Video

Above are two examples of dynamic backgrounds that we have created for Isle of Wight based business websites. They ensure that the first impression of your business is in line with your branding and message but, most importantly, they add some life to a static website with gentle movement.

We believe that a high level of video production is an all important element to any website and, as such, take a serious but creative approach to shooting coherent footage that works well together and with any already existing colour themes or characteristics already within your existing website. 

In each video above we have ensured that the edit is slick and fluid so as not to take away from the other important messages of your website and, as such, were shot to be played on loop. When storyboarding it was vital to capture each element of the video in such a way that, when edited together, each scene moved seamlessly into the next.

If there are elements of your business that you feel need highlighting, there is no better way than through video. Say all you need to without words, but be sure to convey your message with colour and creativity.

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