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recording studio, isle of wight

instrument recording

We are lucky enough to have had the opportunity to build our recording facility from scratch here on the Isle of Wight and, as such, it has been specifically designed with audio recording in mind. We have a very spacious 520 square foot live room in which to capture music and audio, enough to fit a large band in tracking simultaneously. We have had orchestras and choirs in our live room too, so space is no obstacle. 

In addition to the live room, we also have an acoustically treated, isolated booth in which to record acoustic guitars, vocals or anything that needs to be controlled acoustically. 

At the front end we have 16 channels of beautifully clean sounding Audient preamps for an upfront, pristine recording. Should the vibe require, we also have several valve driven channel strips for a more characterful, saturated and vintage sounding recording. As musicians ourselves, we have stocked our cupboards with high end microphones from Neumann, SE Electronics, Shure and AKG, all of which have different jobs but can be utilised in order to capture the sound you may be after.


We stock several types of guitars, basses and drums that can be used should you not have your own. Plus, if you are a solo artist that needs any further instrumentation on their tracks, we can act as session musicians on your record too. 

At the end of the day, you can have the stems of your recording session to take back home and mix at your leisure. Should you require us to mix the audio, check out our AUDIO MIXING SERVICE here. If you require drum recording then please check out our DRUM RECORDING page here.

If you require further information, please contact us and we'd be happy to discuss your requirements and budget.

Below are a few examples of instrument recording performed at our facility.

listen here

INSTRUMENT RECORDINGFender Rhodes Stage 73 mki
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